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Pick any (6) of our in-stock 4-packs and build your dream case of beer! Hoppy, sours, lagers – whatever your thirst wants.


Ripe oranges, fresh pineapple and smooth pine. Citra, Mosaic, Idaho 7, Cascade & Centennial hops combine to deliver a powerful lupulin punch, backed by a balanced malt base. Soft haze that leans Northeast-ward, with a moderately-bitter finish for maximum drinkability.

VENOMOUS VILLAINS - West Coast IPA - 6.9% - 4pk

Pours bright, copper-gold in the glass with rocky white foam. Notes of ripe stone fruit, pithy tangerine, grapefruit bitters, and earthy resin. Brewed with an abundance of our hand-selected Mosaic, Amarillo, Simcoe, Centennial & Cascade. Explosive flavor, punchy bitterness, and a snappy finish. It’s always more fun to play the Villain…

INFINITE MACHINE - Pilsner - 4.8% - 4pk

Pours pale straw-gold in the glass with clean white foam. Classic noble-hop notes of herbal spice & bright citrus, with subtle bread-dough malt and crisp, clean bitterness on the finish. Brewed with 100% premium German pilsner malt and a blend of continental hops–Czech Saaz, German Saphir and Slovenian-grown Styrian Celeia. Elegantly balanced. Infinitely refreshing.

SAVAGE CRUSH - Blood Orange Passion Fruit Gose - 5.2% - 4pk

Brimming with bright, tropical fruit & fresh-squeezed-citrus flavors. Soft mouthfeel and a touch of seaside-salty-spritz on the finish. Savagely crushable? Crushably savage? You decide.

INVASION OF THE BERRY SNATCHERS - Strawberry Blueberry Raspberry Blackberry Sour - 5.1% - 4pk

Ruby-red haze in the glass. Fresh jam-stand jam, juicy mixed-berry cocktail, and clean acidity on the finish. Balanced and crushable. Alien invaders never tasted so good.

THE PIE WHO LOVED ME - Fruited Sour w/ Strawberry, Yuzu & Vanilla - 5.5% - 4pk

Pours rich, coral red in the glass with pale pink foam. Notes of thicc strawberries, soft-serve vanilla and tangy yuzu. Leaning more sweet than sour, with medium body and a hint of flaky pie crust from copious amounts of soft white wheat.

PENGUINS IN SPACE - Hazy Pale Ale - 5.2% - 4pk

Pours hazy straw-gold in the glass with clean white foam. Blast off into space with notes of zesty lemon, fresh cubed melon and tropical passionfruit. Plentifully packed with our hand-selected Citra, Centennial, Strata & Amarillo hops, along with flaked wheat & rye to round out the mouthfeel. Light body, smooth finish. A true intergalactic crusher!

WELCOME TO THE UNDERWORLD - Helles Lager - 4.7% - 4pk

Pale straw in the glass, with a fluffy white head, soft herbal spice, balanced bitterness, and a touch of floral citrus. Brewed with a light base of premium pilsner malt, and hopped with Tettnang, Saaz and Saphir. Über crushable. On the hoppier side, for the style. Let’s hope they have lager in Hell...

SAINT SALLY - Belgian Blonde - 5.5% - 4pk

Sally the Octopus (patron saint of silliness and tentacles) giveth unto us this friendly, sessionable Trappist-style Belgian Single. Pour pale-straw-yellow in the glass with subtle haze and soft white foam. Brewed with premium German pilsner malt and Canadian wheat. Balanced Belgian aromatics (clove, pear, banana, spice) and a bonus blessing of citrusy Styrian Celeia in the dry hop. Smooth flavor and a clean, fresh finish.

LLAMADEUS - DDH Double IPA - 8.0% - 4pk

Thick, yellow-gold haze in the glass. Notes of tropical passion fruit, creamy pineapple, ripe nectarine, and tangy white grape. Harmoniously hopped with copious quantities of lemon our hand-selected Citra alongside xRich, bold and bombastic – yet also elegant and refined. Soft, silky mouthfeel. Graceful finish. 

THE INCREDIBULLS - DDH Hazy IPA - 7.2% - 4pk

 Pours sticky yellow-gold haze in the glass with lemon meringue foam. Intense notes of peach nectar, candied mango, and ripe apricot. Featuring a Big-Bull-sized dose of our hand-selected Citra hops alongside an Oregon-grown hop variety called Luminosa (courtesy of our friends at @indiehops). Incredi-bully smooth mouthfeel and a bright, citrusy finish. No Bull.

ELECTRIFIED BRAIN - Municipal Waste collab - West Coast IPA - 7.2% - 4pk

Brewed in collaboration with Municipal Waste & inspired by their latest album of the same name. Featuring a thrash-metal-sized dose of fresh-harvest High Oil Cascade, along with a hazardous blast of Centennial, Amarillo and New Zealand-grown Nelson Sauvin hops. Juicy, dank, chewy and crisp. Massively crushable. Taste the WASTE. 


PRINCE OF PILS - 10 Plato Czech Pils - Sarene Anniversary Collab - 4.3% - 4pk

Brewed in collaboration with our friends over at Sarene Craft Beer for their 10th anniversary. Traditional Moravian floor-malted barley for the base, and hopped with whole flower T90 Czech Saaz & Polish grown Lubelski hops. Soft floral notes, herbal spice and a touch of bready malt. Completely unfiltered and completely unfazed. Delicate bitterness. Xtra crispy finish.

REVENGE OF THE PILS - 12 Plato / 12 Week Czech Pils - 5.0% - 4pk

An homage to one of our favorite classic Czech lagers. Double-decoction mashed with floor-malted Bohemian Pilsner malt and fermented with traditional Czech lager yeast to create a clean, round base with subtle bread-dough aromatics and cracker-like crispness. A heavy dose of whole-leaf Czech-grown Saaz hops brings a distinct burst of floral spice and smooth-yet-firm bitterness on the finish. Lagered for 12 weeks for extra smoothness. Simple Ingredients + Precise Execution = Maximum REVENGE.

OTTERWORLD - DDH Double IPA - 8.0% - 4pk

Pours soft yellow-gold haze in the glass, with creamy white foam. Overflowing with notes of fresh-squeezed OJ, zesty grapefruit, pineapple cannabis and zingy passionfruit. Blasted with a massive dose of Nectaron, Citra & Simcoe. Soft mouthfeel and an extra smooth finish. Haze is not just our destination, it is our destiny!

DYNAMITE EVOLUTION - collab w/ Pink Boots Society - DDH Hazy IPA - 6.9% - 4pk

A very special spin-off version of our SUPERHERO SIDEKICKS Hazy IPA--same base recipe, but hopped with the 2022 Pink Boots hop blend from Yakima Chief (HBC 586, Ekuanot & Loral) and a bonus dose of our hand-selected Citra. Hazy burnished gold in the glass, with notes of tropical lychee, candied lemon, white peach and pithy grapefruit. Light bitterness and a medium-dry finish. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Pink Boots Society to assist & inspire women beer professionals through education.

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