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Pick any (6) of our in-stock 4-packs and build your dream case of beer! Hoppy, sours, lagers – whatever your thirst wants.


Ripe oranges, fresh pineapple and smooth pine. Citra, Mosaic, Idaho 7, Cascade & Centennial hops combine to deliver a powerful lupulin punch, backed by a balanced malt base. Soft haze that leans Northeast-ward, with a moderately-bitter finish for maximum drinkability.

ROBOCROC - West Coast Style IPA - 7.2% - 4pk

Pours bright burnished gold in the glass, with clean white foam. Intense aromas of pink grapefruit and crushed gooseberries up front, followed by waves of earthy pine and bitter lemon. Heavily hopped with our hand-selected Strata, Simcoe, Nelson Sauvin, Amarillo and Chinook hops. Assertive, resiny bitterness. Clean, snappy finish.

PENGUIN MADNESS - Hazy Pale Ale - 5.2% - 4pk

How's it feel to be dunked on by an intergalactic space PENGUIN? Well, you're about to find out! Pours soft yellow haze in the glass with swish-y white foam. Making it rain from way downtown with fresh citrus notes – lemon zest, crushed limes, and pithy grapefruit. Brewed with buckets and buckets of our hand-selected Citra and Centennial hops, plus an alley-oop assist from New Zealand-grown Motueka. Refreshing & crushable. It's PENGUIN MADNESS BABY!


“Fortune and glory, kid... fortune and glory… (and hops).” Dr. Bones is back--with another juice-tastic adventure! This time our gruff-yet-cuddly Professor of Barkeology is up to his puppy-dog eyeballs in oodles of Citra, Idaho Gem and Nelson Sauvin hops. Notes of bright citrus, candied pineapple, fresh pine, and crushed gooseberries. Dangerously drinkable. Let’s hope Indy gets through this one alive...

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GULP FICTION - DDH Double IPA - 8.0% - 4pk

Murky golden haze in the glass with a face-full of fresh fruit flavors up front (mango, peach, lemon, and white grape). Completely blasted with Citra, Mosaic & Nelson hops, plus loads of wheat for smooth body and a touch of spicy rye on the finish. 

A CLUCKWORK ORANGE - DDH Double IPA - 8.0% - 4pk

Pours soft yellow-gold haze in the glass, with creamy white foam. Overflowing with notes of fresh-squeezed OJ, tropical passion fruit, and crushed pineapple with a touch of gummy peaches. Soft mouthfeel and an extra smooth finish. Ultra-delicious.

VENOMOUS VILLAINS - West Coast IPA - 6.9% - 4pk

Pours bright, copper-gold in the glass with rocky white foam. Notes of ripe stone fruit, pithy tangerine, grapefruit bitters, and earthy resin. Brewed with an abundance of our hand-selected Mosaic, Amarillo, Simcoe, Centennial & Cascade. Explosive flavor, punchy bitterness, and a snappy finish. It’s always more fun to play the Villain…

PIE ANOTHER DAY - Fruited Sour w/ Blueberry, Peach, Lemon & Vanilla - 5.5% - 4pk

Pours rich, jammy purple-red-haze in the glass with pale pink foam. Notes of wild blueberries, ripe peaches, and a touch of soft-serve vanilla ice cream. Balanced acidity & sweetness, with medium body and a hint of flaky pie crust from copious amounts of soft white wheat.

MARBLE OF DOOM II - Raspberry Key Lime Sour - 5.5% - 4pk

The sequel to our original DOOM. Pours a vibrant reddish-pink hue with thick haze. Intense raspberries on the nose, fresh key-lime juice, and a brisk, tangy finish.

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IL COMMUNICAZIONE - Italian Style Pilsner 4.9% - 4pk

The latest installment in our Italian Pils series–this time featuring a funky lil’ trio of German Saphir, Czech Kazbek, and Styrian Celeia hops for notes of lemon zest & earthy spice. A fresh-beats-blend of Eraclea & Pilsner malts provide a hint of smooth, doughy sweetness before wrapping things up with a cracker-crisp finish. Crushable.

WELCOME TO THE UNDERWORLD - Helles Lager - 4.7% - 4pk

Pale straw in the glass, with a fluffy white head, soft herbal spice, balanced bitterness, and a touch of floral citrus. Brewed with a light base of premium pilsner malt, and hopped with Tettnang, Saaz and Saphir. Über crushable. On the hoppier side, for the style. Let’s hope they have lager in Hell...

INFINITE MACHINE - Pilsner - 4.8% - 4pk

Pours pale straw-gold in the glass with clean white foam. Classic noble-hop notes of herbal spice & bright citrus, with subtle bread-dough malt and crisp, clean bitterness on the finish. Brewed with 100% premium German pilsner malt and a blend of continental hops–Czech Saaz, German Saphir and Slovenian-grown Styrian Celeia. Elegantly balanced. Infinitely refreshing.

MIDDLING EARTH - Extra Special Bitter - 4.8% - 4pk

Subtle aromas of orange marmalade + tea & toast up front from a blend of high-oil Cascade & East Kent Golding hops, along with biscuity English malt. Smooth, light body, with a touch of honey-like sweetness and a crisp-n-bitter finish. Super sessionable. Grab your hobbit pals and crush a few of these preciousssss beauties. Let the journey begin…

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WHAT WE DON'T SEE - Imperial Stout - 9.0% - 4pk

Black like molasses. Black like your soul. Chewy & roasty, with notes of black coffee, English toffee, bakers chocolate, charred wood, and a touch of spicy rye on the finish. No adjuncts. Just stout.

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