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Pick any (6) of our in-stock 4-packs and build your dream case of beer! Hoppy, sours, lagers – whatever your thirst wants.


Ripe oranges, fresh pineapple and smooth pine. Citra, Mosaic, Idaho 7, Cascade & Centennial hops combine to deliver a powerful lupulin punch, backed by a balanced malt base. Soft haze that leans Northeast-ward, with a moderately-bitter finish for maximum drinkability.

VENOMOUS VILLAINS - West Coast IPA - 6.9% - 4pk

Pours bright, copper-gold in the glass with rocky white foam. Notes of ripe stone fruit, pithy tangerine, grapefruit bitters, and earthy resin. Brewed with an abundance of our hand-selected Mosaic, Amarillo, Simcoe, Centennial & Cascade. Explosive flavor, punchy bitterness, and a snappy finish. It’s always more fun to play the Villain…

INFINITE MACHINE - Pilsner - 4.8% - 4pk

Pours pale straw-gold in the glass with clean white foam. Classic noble-hop notes of herbal spice & bright citrus, with subtle bread-dough malt and crisp, clean bitterness on the finish. Brewed with 100% premium German pilsner malt and a blend of continental hops–Czech Saaz, German Saphir and Slovenian-grown Styrian Celeia. Elegantly balanced. Infinitely refreshing.

PENGUINS IN SPACE - Hazy Pale Ale - 5.2% - 4pk

Pours hazy straw-gold in the glass with clean white foam. Blast off into space with notes of zesty lemon, fresh cubed melon and tropical passionfruit. Plentifully packed with our hand-selected Citra, Centennial, Strata & Amarillo hops, along with flaked wheat & rye to round out the mouthfeel. Light body, smooth finish. A true intergalactic crusher!

VICIOUS CRUSH (16 oz.)- Watermelon Lime Gose - 5.2%

Pours vibrant neon pink in the glass with clean white foam. Drinks like a mashup of watermelon Jolly Ranchers and salty Margaritas. Medium body, tangy acidity, and a touch of seaside-salty-spritz on the finish. Viciously crushable.

VICIOUS CRUSH (12 oz.) - Watermelon Lime Gose - 5.2% - 4pk

Pours vibrant ruby-red hue in the glass with clean white foam. Drinks like a mashup of watermelon Jolly Ranchers and fresh-squeezed-lime Margaritas. Medium body, real-fruit-juice flavor, tangy acidity, and a touch of sea salt spritz on the finish. Viciously crushable. Please not that this is a 4 pack of 12oz cans. We also have a 16oz version available. 

SLIMBO - Highland Park Collab - West Coast Style Pilsner - 4.8% - 4pk

A slimmed-down homage to Highland Park’s legendary O.G. West Coast Pils TIMBO. Pours unfiltered pale yellow gold in the glass with subtle hop haze and fluffy white foam. Traditional German-style pilsner base, fermented with our house lager yeast and then double-dry-hopped with our hand-selected Mosaic, Citra & Zumo hops. Notes of kaffir lime, pink pineapple, and tangerine flesh. Clean herbal bitterness and a snappy dry finish. The best of both worlds.

PIE ANOTHER DAY - Fruited Sour w/ Blueberry, Peach, Lemon & Vanilla - 5.5% - 4pk

Pours rich, jammy purple-red-haze in the glass with pale pink foam. Notes of wild blueberries, ripe peaches, and a touch of soft-serve vanilla ice cream. Balanced acidity & sweetness, with medium body and a hint of flaky pie crust from copious amounts of soft white wheat.

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THE FINSTONES - DDH Double IPA - 8.0% - 4pk

Completely Bamm-Bamm’d with a Bronto-Burger-sized hop addition of Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe & Sabro for notes of pineapple on pineapple on passion fruit on pine. An excessive quantity of flaked wheat for excessively soft mouthfeel and smooth finish. As Fred Finstone says: "Yabba-dabba-DRINK-IT!”

AS THE WORLD BURNS - Rauchbier (Smoked Lager) - 5.2% - 4pk

Pours deep brown with subtle garnet highlights. Brewed with a base of rich Munich malt and traditional Beechwood-smoked malt from Bamberg. Lightly bittered with German-grown Perle hops. Intense aromas and flavors of campfire smoke, caramelized bacon, charred wood and toasted bread. Medium body, balanced finish. It’s on fi-yah.

IL PURGATORIO - Threes Collab - Italian Style Pilsner - 4.9% - 4pk

Featuring a blend of German barley and Eraclea pilsner malt, grown in sunny fields near Venice, Italy. Gently hopped with Celeia from nearby Slovenia, along with German-grown Saphir. Soft, floral sweetness, subtle citrus, and crisp, herbal spice on the finish. Interminably crushable. Worth waiting for. 

BEACH ZOMBIE - Strawberry Guava Sour - 4.5% - 4pk

Opaque pale pink with ripe guava & juicy strawberry oozing forth from the glass. Flavors of pink lemonade, tropical piragua, and strawberry Starburst. Extremely refreshing finish. (Un)deadly delicious.


A very special Double-Dry-Hopped version of our Flagship Hazy IPA, brewed exclusively to celebrate Pride Month. Featuring our hand-selected Citra, Centennial, Cascade and Idaho 7 hops – plus a double-dose of Nectaron from New Zealand. Explosive tropical aromas and flavors (think: mango & nectarine), with medium body, soft bitterness and a clean finish. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Center, supporting the LGBTQIA+ community here in NYC. Limited release.

OCTONAUT - Pilsner - 5.2% - 4pk

Northern German Pils w/ German-grown Perle, Saphir and Hallertau Mittelfruh hops. Notes of lemon, wildflower honey, and cracked grain. Zippy bitterness and an xtra crispy finish

SKULL PIT - Black Pit Collab - West Coast Style IPA - 7.0% - 4 Pk

Brewed in collaboration with Dan the Man of soon-to-be Black Pit Brewing, this small-batch stunner is our homage to that quintessential Ballast Point grapefruit classic. Pours clear and bright with orange-wine hue. Brimming with fresh-squeezed grapefruit up front, followed by bitter pith, herbal resin, and smooth pine. Brewed with heaps and heaps of our hand-selected Centennial, Cascade, Amarillo, & Simcoe hops. Light-bodied, zesty, crisp & dry. Pretty dang crushable ( your SKULL).

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